Wednesday, 22 June 2016

GOD HAVE MERCY FOR THIS GERATION-Controversial SA pastor orders members of his congregation to fall into a deep sleep, jumps on their bodies

Pastor Penuel Mnguni,always like to make some headlines,he always commands his congregations to perform  different stange acts,

He once told his congregation turn into sheep.Hahahahaha

Linda Ikeji wrote,
This guy disguising as a man of God needs to be stopped. The South African pastor, who has in the past committed outrageous acts with his congregation and has had his church shut/burnt in the past, has struck again. 
This time, while ministering to his congregants, Penuel Mnguni, commanded some of them to fall into a deep sleep. He then stepped on top of their bodies and jumped up/down. After doing this, he allegedly commanded them to wake up. When they did, he asked if they felt any pain and they all confirmed not to have felt anything. Lol

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